You want to build a SaaS?

Ibrahim Zaman
Nov 10, 2023


The title is catchy but not a clickbait, because something made it super easy to get-started with building SaaS in simple way. So, without wasting your time let’s get into story (:

Open-Source project SaaS Starter Kit by BoxyHQ is easiest way to start building our own SaaS. Which Includes following features:

  1. Internationalization (multi-language)
  2. SSR (NextJS)
  3. Authorization (for users and teams)
  4. Webhooks, Logs and Events.
  5. Permissions.
  6. Dark mode.
  7. PostgresDB + PrismaORM (Databases)

7. with Upcoming Billing Services.

If you want to build something, go start write away. If you need help in building let me know on LinkedIn.