Introduction to free Code Copilots

Ibrahim Zaman
Nov 6, 2023

The reason you’re here on my story is you’re looking for free coding copilots like GitHub copilot — which is for $10 per month or any other with so called free tag with Limits. Say no more to those!

Creator: Ibrahim Zaman aka Mr Tux (@abrahimzaman360)
Copilot (Image Generated by Bing Dall-E)

Introducing Codeium AIa free coding copilot that makes like easy without taking a single penny from your pocket. Yeah, you’re right, Codeium AI supports almost all languages and IDE, terminal guys you’re also got completion support (:


  1. Single line + multi-line completion.
  2. In-editor code assistant for Q&A and Chat.
  3. Profile statistics.
  4. Absolutely Free (Only GPT 3.5)
  5. Almost all code editors including NeoVim/Vim supported.
  6. Fast and highly accurate.

Other alternatives to GitHub Copilot (Free with limits):

  1. Amazon CodeWhisperer.
  2. BlackBox.
  3. Codium AI (not codeium).
  4. Tabnine.
  5. SourceGraph Cody.
  6. Cosine AI.